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Carbon potential control

Automatic monitoring and control of gas carburizing with an gas analysis systems

The furnace atmosphere must be checked according to CQI-9 3rd Editon at regular intervals. This can be realized on foil samples (shim shock test), a second oxygen sensor or gas analysis systems.

Für die Gasanalyse spricht, dass es wie die Sauerstoffsonde ein kontinuierliches messendes System ist. Durch die direkte Messung des CO-, CO2-, CH4- und evtl. des H2-Gehalts kann direkt auf den C-Pegel zuückgeschlossen werden und Fehler die z.B. durch defekte Strahlheizrohre verursacht werden schneller entdeckt werden. Die Kalibrierung des Gasanalysators kann ebenfalls automatisch erfolgen in dem das System in regelmäßigen Abständen mit Prügas gespült wird.

The gas analysis system supports like the oxygen probe a continuous measuring system. By direct measurement of CO, CO2, CH4, and possibly the H2 content can be directly calculated the  C-level. Error's eg caused by defective radiant tubes can be discovered more quickly. The calibration of the gas analyzer can also be done automatically with flushing the system periodically with calibration gas.

The presented system uses two gas analyzers at four camber furnaces.

Normally the gas analyzer system is working with two furnaces at the same time - but if there is a failure in the oxgen sensor system, the analyzer can be switched to this furnace and the load can be brought to an end.  The second analyzer then works me three plants in phase. Each analyzer can operate up to four furnaces at the same time.

Of course, we also offer atmosphere controls with our mobile gas analyzer.