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Project management from the beginning:

Are you planning a new heat treatment shop?

You want to enable / extend / repurpose your systems ?

You want to produce special parts ?

You want to automate your installations ?

Looking for a new or second-hand equipment ?


Over 30 years experience in heat treatment and specific knowledge as well as a large network with a variety of specialists guarantees you -Project management from the beginning.

Consulting Expertise, economic analysis, estimation and project methodology, Process Development (CMMI), Balanced Scorecards
Cost estimation Person-days and risk analysis specific to project type, technology and location. Analysis and planning of increments and iterations, distribution of expenses on project phases and project participants.
Completion Complete project management with the selected supplier. Project monitoring and on-site coordination, project progress reports, Project Scorecard, adaptation project plans
Project context and project completion Assessment of the Project and the project team, project completion documentation