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Temperature measurements by CQI-9 3rd Edition

The CQI-9 3rd Edition is the result of collaboration between the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) in the U.S. and the AWT Technical Committee 25 in Germany.

The CQI-9 HTSA 3rd Edition puts particular focus on the following topics:

  • Thermocouples (Section 3.1)
  • Instrumentation (Section 3.2)
  • System Accuracy Test – SAT (Section 3.3)
  • Temperature Uniformity Survey – TUS (Section 3.4)

Important for successful self-evaluation is the ability to demonstrate that certain processes for the maintenance and operation of furnaces are followed. We train your staff and support you in the following tasks:

  • Thermocouples, delivery and calibration
  • Evaluation and calibration or selecting of a suitable supplier
  • SAT - Testing with calibrated instruments
  • TUS - Testing with thermal barriers and Data Tracker

Talk to us, we will advise you.